Hi. I’ve decided to revamp my personal website.

I’m still in the process of porting my old blog posts over to the new site. As of , this is still work-in-progress. Could I have waited until I’ve ported everything over before launching the new site? Yes. Did I have the patience to do that? Evidently not. But at least I’ve already ported over some posts which I know have been cited by certain papers, so hopefully nothing breaks for people going down the rabbithole that is literature search.

Speaking of blog posts, it’s been… *checks calendar* four years since my last blog post :0

There are a number of reasons why I decided to stop posting. Mainly, though, it’s because of my lack of interest in creating and curating a set of polished, thematically-consistent posts. From now on, I’ll just post whatever I feel like, guided by the significantly lower bar of literary self-gratification ( * ^ *)b

In the meantime, please enjoy the following selection of completely broken DISQUS links.